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Gujarat Properties & Financial Solutions are professional reality investment consultant focus on providing our clients with strategic & integrated property investment advice especially in land, underpinned by a proven track record in dealing with agricultural land meant for urban development.

Paresh Motwani

Hi, I’m Paresh Motwani. I help investors focused on long-term success in reality land businesses. Reach me out at +91.99046.66624 or write me at or 

Akshat Shukla

Hi, I’m Akshat Shukla. I help investors focused on long-term success in reality residential and commercial businesses. Reach me out at +91.90330.13147 or write me at



Gujarat Properties & Financial Solutions is the market leader in identifying what clients want. We believe in growing together.


Research & Consultancy

We have the industry knowledge and practical experience to anticipate important shifts in regulation and respond to market change to help clients capitalize opportunities – whether they are acquiring, selling, developing, leasing, building, or diversifying their portfolios in other forms of investments.

Investment & Sales

Our extensive coverage of the property market places us in a unique position to assist in real estate investments. We are able to provide a wealth of expertise to those active in the commercial and residential market whether it be for investment, redevelopment or owner-occupation needs.

Insight & Opinion

Our insight & opinion is our hub for residential, commercial, rural and industrial land articles with their thorough research offering industry-leading advice and analysis.

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